3D gallery

This is a 3D gallery in web3. Follow the link and awatch the gallery grow. It is build in the Ethereum virtual world and supports the non-profit project

(ATTENTION: This is a fictional art project. Traditional 3D web shops that look similar to real world galleries are also possible but not intended by our client.) For traditional 3D web shops please refer to our upcoming offchain gallery project.

The gallery is completely edible and can be adjusted by the owner anytime. It is secured through the blockchain and represents a digital real estate.

The project is permanently under development and adjusts with its purpose. It is used for exhibitions as well as a for showroom for certain goods and services to provide maximum costumer experience.

If you are interested in getting a 3D gallery and show room yourself, feel free to contact us.

Technical specs of the 3D web shop gallery
Area252 m² (21 m x 12 m)
Maximum area495 m²
Volume2016 m³
Last price3,85 ETH (~ 3000€)*
Auction date12.03.2020**
Visitors (as of 31.12.2020)865
*Cryptocurrencies are subject to price fluctuations
**The prices for digital properties are determined through auctions.
Options (Design options included in the purchase price)***
Audio (playback for mp3 files)40
Boombox (livetream radio)4
Buttons (for scripting)40
Image (image from URL)200
Lantern (RGB light source)20
Megavox (large Voxel digital art object)5
NFT Picture (for user owned non fungible token)200
Particles (design object particle emitter)4
Poly text (3D text)6
Rich text (lines of text)10
Sign (single line text)100
Spawn point (entrance point for avatars)1
Text input (allow user input)unlimited
Video (short videos)30
Video screen (programmable 64 x 64 video screen)unlimited
.VOX (small Voxel digital art object)200
YouTube / Twitch (embedded video or live stream)30
*** The given information relate to the digital property.
The amount of individual options can vary with the size of the property.