Soca.market is the world’s first crypto economy marketplace. We are a marketplace for art and cultural goods with social demands. We work independently and transparently for our client "Worlunteers – Association for the Promotion of Art, Culture, Social Cohesion and for Financing of Volunteers e.V.".

For this purpose we operate a 3D gallery in the Ethereum virtual world. We design your webshop in web3 and show you the way into the internet of the 21st century. We are unique and pioneers in our field. Our goal is digitization and the spread of the cryptoeconomy. Our team consists of professional Web3 users and developers. We are innovative, modern and ahead of our time.

Accompany us on our way and we will accompany you into a future that has yet to reach its full potential. With web shop and showroom solutions from soca.market you will always be one step ahead of your competitors and offer your customers a unique shopping experience.

Contact us today and get your estimate for your individual Web3 web shop solution. Secure your digitization bonus and ask for our 3D showroom offers. The path to virtual reality is your path to digital ownership.