Our Service

At soca.market we create your individual 3D gallery on the web3. As digital artists, we have specialized in the creation of architecturally and artistically sophisticated 3D representations that promise, in addition to an aesthetic claim, an economic and technological gain.

With soca.market you are well on the way to the Internet of the 21st century. Each of our galleries is optionally created by us on the Web3 as the lifelong property of our customers, a so-called onchain gallery, or for temporary use on the regular Internet, for example as an exhibition space, a so-called offchain gallery.

Onchain Gallery

The onchain gallery is characterized by its ownership on the web3. The Web3 is based on blockchain technology, which enables you to dispose of your property at any time. It essentially comprises a lifelong web space that does not entail any follow-up costs and can be sold by you at any time. High prices are offered for onchain galleries, as these are digital properties that are rarely sold in auction mechanism.

We at soca.market will find the right digital property for your onchain gallery and take over the acquisition, as well as the creation and transfer of your future digital property. All onchain galleries are generally created in 3D and include, in addition to the free design of the building, an interactive component. Every visitor appears as a visible participant in your gallery and can be contacted directly by you.

Each onchain gallery is located in the Ethereum virtual world and is accessible to a global audience. Your potential customers are spread across the globe, as are your neighbors are, whose properties may be next to you and yet thousands of kilometres away.

With onchain galleries from soca.market you not only place new demands on the presentation of your products, you also expand your customer base with a global component. You are ahead of your time without advertising or search engine optimization.

Offchain Gallery

The offchain gallery looks like the onchain gallery and includes all visible options. The difference is that offchain galleries do not define property rights. They are created by us on our web space and can not be found in the Ethereum virtual world.

They are best suited for temporary needs and can, for example, take on the functions of a trade fair or exhibition room. In contrast to the offchain galleries, the onchain galleries are intended for representative purposes and do not allow interactive communication or the neighborhood of other galleries. Offchain galleries are basically stand alone.

Price Difference

Onchain gallery solutions are significantly more expensive than offchain gallery solutions. While offchain gallery solutions receive the web space from soca.market, onchain gallery solutions are auctioned in the virtual Ethereum world.

The price for onchain gallery solutions is broad. Similar to conventional real estate, the price depends on the location of the property in the digital world. The value results from the neighborhood and the frequency of visitors to both your and your neighbors’ digital properties.

For offchain gallery solutions, we offer the web space free of charge. However, you cannot make direct changes to the gallery itself. The cost of an offchain gallery solution results from its size and complexity.

If you are so enthusiastic about your offchain gallery solution that you would like to convert it into an onchain gallery solution, we will look for a suitable property in the virtual Ethereum world for you.

Visit the worlunteers.org gallery and explore the virtual 3D Ethereum world. Movements are made with the key combination WASD and the mouse as a direction indicator. Press F to switch to flight mode. Enjoy yourself. We hope to see you soon at soca.market.